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Personalized Care for Infants & 1-Year-Olds in Pleasant Prairie

Infant Care

4:1 Ratio

personalized care
Each child is an individual with different needs and comforts. All children need to feel secure and loved. Our caregivers strive to provide them with the type of care that fulfills their needs as well as nourishes their spirit, and helps them grow and develop into a happy, healthy young person.
We provide Kenosha-area families a safe and healthy environment with certified caregivers to promote the optimal development of physical and cognitive growth. Our caregivers provide an atmosphere as close to home as possible. Many times throughout the day, they play, hold, sing and interact with the infants.
Upon arrival, you and your child will be greeted by an infant room teacher. They will listen to how your child’s night was, and any instructions you may request of them.
Daily Communication Sheets allow communication between you and teachers who care for your baby. Teachers will document your baby’s day, including;
  • Feeding – how much they ate, when they ate
  • Sleeping – including rest and nap times
  • Diaper changes
  • Exploration and play – including several options in the classroom for play as well as interaction with other children on an individual basis or in small social circles
  • Your child’s general disposition

Transitions in Eating

Once a child begins transitioning from jar/third foods to table food, parents can highlight which foods their child may have from our menu and the teachers will incorporate them into the child’s snack/meal time. As they continue this path, more of the center’s food may be introduced and fewer foods from home will need to be brought in. For breakfast, the little ones will be offered such cereals as Cheerios, Kix, Rice Krispies (no/low sugar). On toast day we have white/wheat toast, jelly, cinnamon or soy nut butter.
Water is offered many times throughout the day. Healthy snacks consist of yogurts, fresh or canned fruits, crackers, cheese and Nutri-Grain bars to name a few. Allergies and food restrictions will be honored on an individual basis.


4:1 Ratio

Our purpose is to provide activities that enhance your child’s need for exploration. Our teachers give your toddler an environment geared toward exploration through safe and organized activities. Each classroom is designed around activity-based centers to encourage and challenge your child each and every day.
  • Gross motor play – Indoor gym includes rocking and riding toys, small climbing structures; outdoor fenced-in playground features large climbing structures, swings and enough space to run off a little energy
  • Fine motor play – Puzzles, stacking toys, action/reaction toys, to name a few
  • Imagination – Prop boxes that contain items to stimulate imagination such as dolls and accessories, kitchen sets with play food and dress-up clothing
  • Language development – Include flannel board stories, visiting our library which includes children’s books, listening to books on tape or just curling up in a soft quiet space in the classroom with an age-appropriate book
  • Music and movement – CD players, musical instruments and puppets
  • Art and sensory – Art materials, sand-and-water table and sensory materials
A typical day in the life of your 1-year-old might include:
  • Group activities – several visits to singing songs and nursery rhymes, learning our colors and shapes or exploring books
  • Teacher initiated – child-motivated activities such as music or art
  • Child-driven activities – may include being in our learning centers
  • Quiet time – may include a snuggly story time with a caregiver or lying on a pillow looking through pages of a book
  • Meals, snacks and naptime – to nourish and rest your child’s growing mind and body 
  • Outdoor play – weather permitting, we try to get outside twice daily to burn off some energy and develop our motor skills while also learning to socialize and share with peers
One of the major goals in the older ones and 2-year-old program is potty training. We are really excited to be a part of helping you and your child reach this important goal. A thorough explanation and plan is laid out in our Parent Handbook.